Sports Massage

We offer various massage treatments for everybody, from pregnant women to athletes.
Sports Massage is a popular alternative type of therapy that can help relieve muscle tension and pain, increase blood flow to the muscles, and reduce stress. Iphie’s Massage Services specializes in Sports Massage in London. If you live in London or are visiting for business or pleasure, we will take care of all your massage needs. We offer full-body Sports Massages with an emphasis on athletic performance enhancement for athletes from any sport!

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage is a form of bodywork that can help athletes recover from training and injury. Sports Massage also helps with muscle maintenance, to keep you in the game! We address different types of injuries:

– Joints

– Muscle tears or strains

– Tendinitis/bursitis (inflammation)

– Plantar fasciitis (a common cause of heel pain)
or any other kind of sports-related injury.

Athletes who receive our massages regularly report feeling better, stronger and improving performance as a result. Our team offers Sports Massage for EVERYBODY-not just at competitive levels, but anyone looking to improve their health!

How do we perform sports massage?

Our team of sports massage therapists perform Sports Massage to help relieve muscle tension, reduce lactic acid build-up and stimulate the muscles. Iphie’s massages are performed on a soft mat with layers of towels for light pressure, which is perfect for people who have injuries or joint problems. Our therapists use gentle strokes and circular motions that target specific areas of need.

Risks involved in sports massage

Sports Massage is a great way to help relieve muscle tension and lactic acid buildup, but Iphie’s Massage Services are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will Sports Massage help my injury?

We would recommend you see your doctor first to determine the severity of the injury or problem before scheduling an appointment with our massage therapists.

Do sports massages really make me stronger or faster, or increase my performance?

No expert can definitively answer this question as it depends on many factors, such as age, height/weight ratio, fitness level, and more, which is why we always recommend seeing one of our qualified team members in person so they can tailor-fit each session based on their individual needs.

Will Sports Massage help me extend my sports career?

Sports Massage can help with the prevention of injuries and chronic issues, which is why we always recommend athletes get a sports massage to keep their bodies in optimum shape.

How often should I get a sports massage?

We recommend at least once per month, but it all depends on how active you are as well as your goals for treatment. As an athlete, our massage therapists may be able to work more closely with you regarding what they have seen from treating other clients similar to yourself so that you can make better decisions about frequency going forward.

Will one single sports massage "fix" my problems?

No, it will not. Sports massage is a great tool to help maintain your body’s performance and health as well as prevent injuries or chronic issues from developing by helping with the recovery process.

Is sports massage painful?

This is a common misconception. Sports massage can be relaxing and therapeutic. Iphie’s massage therapists will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan tailored towards your needs to achieve the best result possible.

What is lactic acid buildup and how does sports massage help with that?

Lactic acid is a byproduct of anaerobic exercise such as intense sprinting. The buildup of lactic acid can lead to increased muscle soreness and decreased performance, which is why athletes need to stretch before or after their workout sessions. Sports massage helps the body recover from these workouts with many benefits, including increased blood flow, improved range of motion, reduced pain levels in muscles and joints, and improved recovery time between sessions.