Pregnancy Massage

We offer various massage treatments for everybody, from pregnant women to athletes.
Do you want to enjoy the benefits of pregnancy massage but don’t know where to start? Iphie’s Massage Service is here for your questions. We have answers to all of your pregnancy questions. We offer a range of services, including pregnancy massage in London!

Pregnancy massage is a luxurious experience that Iphie’s Massage Service offers to those who want the benefits of pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can help with pain relief, muscle relaxation, and boost energy levels. It also helps to improve posture when you are pregnant, as your body changes shape. This type of massage will be given by Iphie herself in London or by her practitioners depending on what you prefer for your pregnancy.

Benefits of pregnancy massage

There are many potential benefits from receiving regular prenatal treatments at Iphie’s Massage Service, including relieving back pain; increasing appetite and decreasing nausea (morning sickness); easing constipation; improving circulation, leading to quicker recovery after birth; reducing stress and anxiety, which often leads to sleeplessness; relieving menstrual cramps and headaches; releasing tension in the pelvic floor muscles to allow for easier labour!

How do we perform pregnancy massage?

Iphie’s Massage Service is happy to offer a prenatal treatment that is gentle yet firm. We will use long strokes from the head down towards your toes with a variety of techniques, including Swedish mindful bodywork, shiatsu-style pressure points on acupoints and reflexology (massaging the feet). We are safe experts when it comes to providing care during pregnancy. We believe that pregnant women deserve all the love they can get, so she offers her expertise in London or by telephone consultations internationally.

Risks involved in pregnancy massage

The only risk Iphie’s Massage Service can see is that you might want more. It is our goal to make your body feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during this time. We have been providing therapeutic prenatal treatment for many years with a proven track record of success.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am in my first trimester of pregnancy and another practitioner would not massage me. Why do you offer this service when others do not?

We are confident that our pregnancy massage will not be harmful to you or your unborn baby, and Iphie’s Massage Service is more than happy to provide this service.

I heard you shouldn't have your feet massaged when you are pregnant. Is that true?

We only massage the abdomen during pregnancy because of its benefits for maternal health as well as fetal development.

Do I have to stop receiving massages close to my due date?

No! We offer prenatal treatments up until labour starts, so our clients can enjoy these wonderful sensations right up until their time comes without any worries.

Sometimes the skin on my belly feels so tight. Is it safe to have it massaged?

Yes! Iphie’s Massage Service will only massage you in ways that make your tummy feel better, not any worse than before we started the session with you.

How often should I receive a massage when I am pregnant?

We recommend our prenatal sessions twice monthly as they are very beneficial for maternal health, fetal development, and emotional well-being. Our clients enjoy these treatments throughout their pregnancies until labour starts—there is no worry about harming your baby or yourself because we know what we’re doing! We offer pregnancy massage from 33 weeks into pregnancy onwards.