Aromatherapy Massage

We offer various massage treatments for everybody, from pregnant women to athletes.
Have you ever considered what an aromatherapy massage is? Iphie’s Massage Services specializes in professional aromatherapy massage. We offer a variety of services that will make your body feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Iphie’s Massage Services also offers an essential oil experience which consists of a foot soak, full-body exfoliation, and therapeutic head and shoulder massage with our signature blend of oils to help stimulate the senses. Essential oils are used for many reasons, including muscle relaxation, pain relief, injury recovery, skin treatment, etc.

An aromatherapy massage is a form of bodywork that employs the use of aromatic plant oils to achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance.

Benefits of aromatherapy massage

-Muscle relaxation-Iphie’s Massage Services offers various techniques such as Swedish for muscle relaxation.

-Pain relief-Iphie’s Massage Services uses essential oils, which are natural analgesics, to help relieve pain from sore muscles, headaches, etc.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy massage

There are many different types of essential oil, but we will name five of the most common ones used by Iphie’s Massage Services during our therapeutic sessions. They include lavender, peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and frankincense.

Properties of essential oils

All types of essential oils contain therapeutic benefits, but Iphie’s Massage Services uses four major properties during our sessions: pain relief, mood uplifting, anxiety-reducing, as well as grounding.

Benefits of essential oils

Pain relief

Iphie’s Massage Services has various techniques such as Swedish for muscle relaxation to help relieve pain from sore muscles or headaches etc. In addition, there is a technique called reflexology which can be used on specific points on your feet that correspond to different parts of your body to alleviate certain ailments like backaches and menstrual cramps, for example. Iphie’s also offers aromatherapy massage which uses a variety of essential oils such as lavender and peppermint to help alleviate pain in muscles. Iphie’s Massage Services also offers hot stone therapy, for those who are looking for an even deeper muscle relaxation experience.

Mood uplifting

Iphie’s Massage Services has various techniques that can be used to improve mood, such as Swedish or Shiatsu, which focus on stretching out tight areas with the use of long sweeping movements along your back, arms, neck, and head. Iphie’s will tailor these treatments specifically according to what you need, whether it is relaxation or anxiety reduction etc.

Anxiety reducing

We know that aromatherapy massage would not be the only thing Iphie’s Massage Services would recommend for anxiety, but it is a great way to reduce the stress that may have been building up over time.

How do essential oils work?

Iphie’s Massage Services uses the purest essential oils to create a natural experience for you. We will only use those oils that are both therapeutic and also correspond with your existing needs or wishes. We would then select one main oil, which we would massage gently into your back, followed by another few drops on each leg and arm before smoothing them over the rest of your body.

Increase circulation

It is not just about relaxation with aromatherapy massage, it can actually have other benefits too! Iphie has noted how people often feel less tense in their shoulders after an aromatherapy session due to increased blood flow around this area, as well as feeling generally more relaxed because we usually start at the feet and work our way up.

Increase relaxation

Aromatherapy massage also offers a sense of deep emotional well-being as it can help to release endorphins from the brain, leading to an overall calming effect. Iphie’s has seen some people feeling more relaxed than they have been in years after just one treatment! Stress is something we all experience at times, but with aromatherapists, you can let your guard down and get through any worries or concerns.

Improve sleep quality

After having this relaxing experience before bedtime, there are numerous ways you can feel better rested when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. We’ve heard people mention that they sleep more soundly for longer periods and wake up feeling less groggy than usual. We’re not doctors, but we know this is because when you have anxiety or stress, your body releases adrenaline, which can make it hard to fall asleep at night and create disturbances in the quality of your sleep cycle.

Improved sense of smell

Smell being one of our most powerful senses, aromatherapy massage has been shown to improve olfactory function by strengthening neural connections in the brain associated with sensory processing regions like the cerebral cortex. This means we can detect smells better, so if someone has an injury as a result of poor balance or just needs help getting around due to loss of sight or hearing, aromatherapy can help improve their sense of balance.

Stress management

We are looking for new ways to relieve stress and, as massage therapists, we know that it isn’t always easy or feasible to book an appointment with your regular massage therapist, so we like the idea of having something in my back pocket that you can use anytime anywhere when needed, because, let’s be honest, no one is immune to life’s stresses.

Decreased Inflammation

Inflammation levels are increased during periods of chronic illness such as cancer, where there is often reduced immunity, which makes you more susceptible to secondary infections. The natural anti-inflammatory properties found in essential oils have been shown to decrease inflammatory markers due to their ability to not only inhibit production but also reduce the number of inflammatory cells in the body.

Alleviate Pain

Essential oils have been found to be effective for alleviating pain and reducing inflammation, which can help prevent chronic or long-term pain from developing. One study conducted on patients with low back pain revealed that aromatherapy massage therapy was more successful than medication alone at decreasing their symptoms after six weeks.

Aromatic Boost

We’re also fans of essential oils because they’re an aromatic boost when we don’t feel like heading out to my garden.

How we perform an aromatherapy massage

The steps we take while performing aromatherapy massage are as follows:

– We’ll start with a short consultation to get an idea of your pain or discomfort and any other specific goals you have for the massage. We use this time to discuss any major considerations, such as injuries or medical conditions that might need extra attention. We may also work on trouble spots in my initial evaluation, but we can stop if those areas are too sensitive during the first session.

– Next is a full body assessment using light-touch techniques to assess what we will be working on during our therapy sessions together. This approach helps us find out how tight muscles are and where tension is being held to create personalized treatment plans tailored just for you! We then encourage clients into position on their stomach so they’re ready for either a deep tissue or relaxation massage.

We may start by applying a blend of essential oils that we know are suited for your specific needs and goals, depending on what we talked about in our initial session together. Oils are chosen based on the following properties:

– If you’re seeking to ease stress (that’s probably been building up all week), lavender is traditionally used when massaging someone between their shoulder blades because this area has many pressure points which correspond with calming parts of the body, such as the heart and lungs. It also makes sense since there aren’t any major organs here, so it’s safe enough to apply more oil directly without fear of accidental irritation, unlike other areas, like around the joints, where we’ll stick to a lighter touch. I’ll also use lavender when massaging someone’s feet and calves because those areas tend to be more sensitive.

– If your goal is to help with insomnia, the best oils are probably chamomile or valerian. Chamomile can’t always stand alone as it’s a lighter oil, but often we combine this one with other heavier oils like sandalwood for enhanced relaxation effects. Valerian has a stronger smell, so we prefer using that one on people who want something deeper to sleep better at night, and then we usually follow up by applying peppermint essential oil mixed with some light massage strokes afterwards, which will clear out any lingering scent from the previous treatment (which might otherwise interfere with getting good quality sleep).

Risks involved in aromatherapy massage

That’s a tough one to answer. We’re happy if we can make people feel better, or even just relax them while they’re waiting for their spa treatment. We would never want someone to do anything that makes them uncomfortable, and we always stop the massage whenever we notice that happening. But as far as risks go, there are none involved with our methods of doing it in any way, shape or form other than what might be inherent in reflexology (which is an entirely different type of therapy).